tale of the lost dutchman/core works
tale of the lost dutchman/core works

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Storm, Barry. Practical prospecting: a manual of electronic prospecting techniques. 1953. The third abridged booklet Storm published to promote sales of the 1953 Thunder Gods' Gold. Reprints pages 89-96 and 129-162 (sections Signs of Treasure and Lost MIne Prospecting). It cost one dollar. This edition of Thunder Gods' Gold incorporated Storm's earlier work Practical Prospecting into Thunder Gods' Gold, hence the content of this little pamphlet and the note below on the front endpaper:

"Most purchasers of the complete Thunder Gods' Gold do not want to carry the large, expensive book into the field in order to utilize the mine finding information. Others, particularly professional prospectors and treasure hunters, often cannot afford the higher cost of a library size book merely for the technical information which should be available to them at the lowest possible cost. So by reprinting this field information from the standing plates of Thunder Gods' Gold we have made it financially possible to supply both needs while those who also want a copy of the complete book (price $3.75) won't have to pay twice for the same material.

Refund Offer: The price of this Abridged Booklet is fully refundable upon the cost of the latest, revised, enlarged Treasure Trial Edition of Thunder Gods' Gold only if this page is torn off (which will not hurt the booklet's field use) and mailed directly with remittance covering the $2.75 difference to the publishers. Book stores and dealers cannot honor this offer."

Abridged booklet version of Thunder Gods' Gold

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