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tale of the lost dutchman/art
tale of the lost dutchman/art
tale of the lost dutchman/art

lon megargee - superstition mountain, the quest
Lon Megargee - Superstition Mountain "The Quest"

Surrising there is so little. De Grazia's work is a classic. See the Introduction for an explanation of bibliographic and publishing information, as well as notes and comments.

Coe, Anne and Madeleine Dunphy.
Here is the Southwestern Desert. New York: Hyperion Books For Children, 1995.
Hardcover with dust jacket, unpaged (32 pages), 14 color illustrations. Text by Madeleine Dunphy, illustrated by Anne Coe. From the dust jacket: "Here Is the Southwestern Desert explores the elements that build the chain of life in the Sonoran Desert. From the cactus to the hawk to the lizard to the roadrunner to the tree to the bobcat to the badger to the squirrel to the coyote to the snake to the hare, and, finally, from the hare back again to the cactus, no single one can exist without the others. Madeleine Dunphy has created a cumulative poem that gathers in all the warm and native elements that make the American Southwest such a mystical place. And Anne Coe’s stunning paintings capture the magical colors that bounce off the rocks and streak the sky in the Sonoran Desert." This is a very handsome volume in a series of illustrated books for children on the natural world. Anne Coe did the marvelous illustrations and they beautifully capture the desert landscape, its plants, and animals. Even if they don't tell you, if you know the Superstition Mountain-Goldfield area they will look very familiar. There is a new edition: Berkeley: Web of Life Children's Books, 2007. Hardcover and paperback, 32 pages with illustrations. Coe's work can also be seen in Schenck, listed below.
1995. $14.95/? signed by illustrator.
2007. $16.95/$16.95 for hardcover; $9.95/$9.95 paperback.

Anne Coe

De Grazia, Ted Ettore. 1909-1982.
De Grazia and his mountain, the Superstition. Artist's proof edition. Tucson: De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, 1972. Hardcover with dust jacket, 60 pages with 41 drawings and paintings, many in color. "First printing limited." Also, Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1972. Hardcover with dust jacket. The content of the two editions is identical. De Grazia loved the Superstitions and the Lost Dutchman tale. The work is a series of paintings illustrating key themes in the tale. Really a very nice effort, whether one likes De Grazia's style of painting or not. Like Gardner, a bigger than life character. (There is also a set of twenty-one small postcards that reprint the same series of paintings. "From the Superstition Mountain Collection by De Grazia." Copyright 1974. "De Grazia Superstition Mountain Gallery and Museum P.O. Box 1171, Apache Junction, Arizona 85220." $2.50/$48.50.)
De Grazia Gallery. ?/signed/inscribed $50-$140; neither $30-$150; all with dj.
University of Arizona. ?/signed $90; $85, $65, $50, $28, all with dj.
De Grazia

Schenck, Marvin A.
Into the Superstitions: a contemporary landscape exhibition of painting and photography by seven artists resulting from a five day horse-mounted expedition into the Superstition Mountains: exhibited January 29 to June 5, 1989. Mesa: Mesa Southwest Museum, 1989.
Pamphlet, 24 pages with 7 pages of photographs and paintings in color, other black and white photographs, and a map. "The artists: David Avison, Anne Coe, James Cook, Sheila Kollasch, Merrill Mahaffey, Howard Post, Eduard Uzumeckis." Paper and hardbound. A few of the first printed copies had no 'h' in 'Mesa Southwest Museum' on the cover (GD).
$10.00/? hardcover.

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