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tale of the lost dutchman/publishing chronology
tale of the lost dutchman/publishing chronology

tale of the lost dutchman/publishing chronology

tale of the lost dutchman/publishing chronology

Core works are in boldface. Significant works are denoted by a . Fiction titles are italicized.
Updated December 10, 2022.

Levi Waltz. Waltz family history.

G. A. Henty. The Golden Canon.

Dane Coolidge. Hidden Water.

The Lost Dutchman: Arizona's richest mine...
Val Jean Jr. Desert Gold and Other Verses.

Jessie Flower. Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders on the Old Apache Trail.

Zane Grey. Tappan's Burro.

Mike Burns. The Legend of Superstition Mountain.

Oren Arnold. Superstition's Gold.

Joe Buckskin. When the Red Gods Made Men.

Don J. Phillips. Poems of Arizona.

Nelson Nye. G Stands for Gun.

Barry Storm. Trail of the Lost Dutchman.
Clarence Kelland. Valley of the Sun.

Barry Storm. Gold of the Superstitions.

Clem Colt (Nelson Nye). Triggers for Six.

Nelson Nye. Salt River Ranny.

Ethel Baker. Tower House.

Barry Storm. Thunder Gods Gold.
Barry Storm. Bonanza of the Lost Dutchman.
William Irven Lively. Apache Trial.

Oren Arnold. Superstition's Gold.
Charles Frederick Higham. True Story of Jacob Walzer.
Barry Storm. Thunder Gods Gold - Abridged
Barry Storm. Practical Prospecting.

thunder gods gold
Science and Mechanics, February 1945.

William Irven Lively. Fingers of Fire.

Doc Rosecrans. Spanish Gold and the Lost Dutchman.

Parker Bonner. Superstition Range.

Sims Ely. The Lost Dutchman Mine.
Barry Storm. Thunder Gods' Gold!
Barry Storm. Lost Arizona Gold - Abridged TGG.
Barry Storm. Thunder Gods' Gold - Abridged TGG.
Barry Storm. Practical Prospecting - Abridged TGG.

Oren Arnold. Ghost Gold.
Barney Barnard. The Story of Jacob Walzer.
Barry Storm. I Was Swindled by Red Movie Makers.

William Irven Lively. The Mystic Mountains.
Walther Smith Kramer. Treasure at Bar X.

Albert Morrow. Famous Lost Mines of the Superstition Mountains.
Barry Storm. Barry Storm. Practical Prospecting. Revised.
Willaim Hayes. William Hayes. Indian Tales of the Desert People.

Barry Storm. Tales of the Southwest.
August Derleth. The Return of Solar Pons..

Marilyn Francis. Thunder in the Superstitions.

Mabel Sears Meaker. The Prospector's Promise.

Gordon Shirreffs. Mystery of the Haunted Mine.

Florence Laughlin. Mystery Mountain.
Ann McManigal. Calico Kate's adventures in the Superstition Mountains.

Travis Marlowe. Superstition Treasures.
Erle Stanley Gardner. Hunting Lost Mines by Helicopter.
Merry Wagoner. Treasure Tales Across the Counter.
Robert Nathan. The Mallot Diaries.
Harry Harris. Billy Joe and the Rangers.

Barry Storm. Thunder Gods' Gold: The Mountains That Were God.

Curt Gentry. The Killer Mountains.
Nelson Nye. A Lost Mine Named Salvation.

Jonathan S. Burbridge. Arizona's Monuments to Lost Mines.
John G. Fuller. The Great Soul Trial.
Betty Swinford. Scotty and the Lost Dutchman Mine.

H.A. Bennett. Treasures-Mines-Indians-Death.

Robert Joseph Allen. The Story of Superstition Mountain.
Hugh D'Autremont. West of Dawn.
Michael F. Sheridan. Superstition Wilderness guidebook.
Elmer M. Armstrong. Home and happiness.

Estee Conatser. The Sterling Legend.
Ted Ettore De Grazia. De Grazia and His Mountain, the Superstition.
Ruth Talbert. Superstition Country and the Apache Trail
Oren Arnold. Mystery of Superstition Mountain.

Gary Jennings. The Treasure of the Superstition Mountains.
Hewitt "Coyote" Wolfe. Prospectors of Old.
W. Todhunter Ballard. Loco and the Wolf.

Robert E. Lee. The Making of the Motion Picture...
Renate Chapman. Evil in Waiting.

Robert Blair. Tales of the Superstitions.
Harry G. Black. The Lost Dutchman Mine.
Robert L. Garman. Mystery Gold of the Superstitions.
John D. Wilburn. Riddle of the Lost Dutchman mine.
Jack Slade. Lassiter #19: Apache Junction.

Theodore W. Munch. Thunder on Forbidden Mountain.
Lois Sunagel. The Shadow of the Needle.
Brian Fox. Apache Gold.

Ernest Larson. The Peralta cache.
Richard Anthony Robinson. Why me?
Thomas Probert. Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the West.
Estee Conatser and Karl von Mueller. The Journals of El Dorado.
Byrd Howell Granger. A Motif Index for Lost Mines and Treasure.
James Colten. Echos of a Legend.
Lewis Patten. The Trial at Apache Junction.
Jack E. Woolgar. The missing gold mystery.

Hewitt "Coyote" Wolfe. The Old Prospector.
John Wilburn. Superstition Gold Mines and the Lost Dutchman.
Dick and Sharon Nelson. Hiker's guide to the Superstition Mountains.

John L. Dahlmann. A Tiny Bit of God's Creation.

James Colten. The Apache Trail.

Swanson with Kollenborn. Superstition Mountain.
Paul Kennedy. The Apache Trail.
Robert Mills. Red Apache Sun.
Albert Harding. Dutchman's Gold.
William Hezlep. Ghost Town.
Carolyn Keene. The Kachina Doll Mystery.

Robert Sikorsky. Fools' Gold.
Michael Gillette. The Cortes Letter.
John. E. Lewis. The Lost Mine.
Robert Vaughan. Savages.
Melissa Bowersock. Love's Savage Embrace.

R.C. Crossland. This Trail Was Dangerous.
Greg Davis. 1934-1984, Golden Anniversary of Dons Trek.
Sheridan. Recreational guide to the Superstition Mountains.
Leo Kelley. Luke Sutton: Outrider.
Nicholas Conde. The Legend.
Jake Logan. Slocum and the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Donald E. Weaver. Hieroglyphic Canyon.
Robert Brock. Tortilla Flat History.
David and Dennis Hage. The Official Goldbuster Guidebook.
J.D. Hardin. The Apache Trail.
Sarah Stuart. Eight Golden Orgies.

Barry Storm. Thunder God's Gold.
Karl K. and Alice L. Sidinger. A New Trail to the Dutchman.
Brock. The Apache Trial Guidebook and Lost Dutchman Legend.
Swanson and Kollenborn. Circlestone.
D.L. Corry. Poems of the Superstitions, Arizona and Love.
Bobbi Smith. Arizona Temptress.

Jay Fraser. Lost Dutchman Mine Discoveries.
Davis and Kollenborn. History of the Lost Dutchman Monument.
Leo P. Kelley. Thunder Gods' Gold.
Linda Turner. The Echo of Thunder.

Marvin A. Schenck. Into the Superstitions.
Hank Mitchum. Stagecoach Station #43: Apache Junction.
Jacob Weiser. The Lost Dutchman.

Helen Corbin. The Curse of the Dutchman's Gold.
John D. Wilburn. Dutchman's Lost Ledge of Gold.
Bob Ward. Ripples of Lost Echo's.
R.G. Babcock. Chicomoztoc.
Swanson and Kollenborn. In the Shadow of the Superstitions.
Joanna Jordan. Destiny's Dream.
Linda Randall Wisdom. O'Malley's Quest.

Robert Sikorsky. Quest for the Dutchman's Gold.
Mitchell Waite. Lost Dutchman Newsletter.
Charlier. Marshall Blueberry 1: the Lost Dutchman's Mine.
Anne Marie Duquette. Adventure of the heart.The Bet
J.R. Roberts. Grand Canyon Gold.
Mitchell Waite. Blood, Gold, and the Superstition Mountains.

Greg Davis. Early Newspapers Articles.
Ralph M. Pabst. Jacob von Walzer: Facts, Then & Now!
Ronald Watkins. Evil Intentions.
Mitchell Waite. Blood, Gold, and the Superstition Mountains- the Return.

Richard Robinson. The Superstition Tablets.
Ralph Holder. Mistic Memories of the Superstition Mountains.
H. Henry Sheffer. The Missing Link.
Waite. The Continuing Search for the Lost Dutchman's ...
Kenworthy. Spanish monuments and trail markers to treasure...
Helen Corbin. Senner's Gold.
Kaye Kizziar. Eyes of the Superstitions.


Don Shade. Don Shade. Esperanza.
Mark E. Squires. Mark E. Squires. The Dutchman.
Gene Bottts. Gene Botts. Quest for Gold.
Anonymous. The Apache Trail Highway of Arizona.

Tom Kollenborn. Legend of Superstition Mountain.
Dutch Savage. Hidden Treasures of Arizona.
Waite. The Lost Dutchman ... Who is Who.
Carlson and Stewart. Hiker's Guide to the Superstition Wilderness.
Anne Coe and Madeleine Dunphy. Here is the Southwestern Desert.
Sheffer and Alger. Gold is Where You Find It.
Ken Curtis. Bizarre UFO Abduction.
Kaye Kizziar. Beneath the Superstitions.
Sheffer and Alger. Myths, Magic & Mystery.
L. Smith and K. Wesson. Tales of the Old Southwest.

Lori L. Lombardi. Tortilla Flat then & now: the real story.
Kay Kizziar. Forbidden Knowledge.
James Margorian. Hearts of Gold.
Nelson Nye. The White Chip.
Gertrude Warner. The mystery of the lost mine.

Charles Kenworthy. Treasure Secrets of the Lost Dutchman.
H. Henry Sheffer. The Missing Link. Revised.
John Wilburn. Goldfield Mining District.
Artus Ritter. Ode to the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Miriam A. Wilbanks. A Man in Search of his Boyhood Dream.
Robert Mason. Verde Valley Lore.

Tom Kollenborn. Legend of Superstition Mountain. Second printing.
H. Henry and Sharyn Sheffer. The legend of the Lost Dutchman.
Tom Kollenborn. The Apache Trail.
Elaine Waterstrat. Hoomothya's Long Journey.
Art Dalis and John Jacobsen. Hurricane Smith and the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Kaye Kizziar. The Alliance.
Annie McKnight. Superstitions.
Adam Niswander. The Sand Dwellers.
Don Parkinson. Timecop: The Scavenger.

Swanson and Kollenborn. Superstition Mountain.
Wendell Scott. In search of the clues to the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Ralph Compton. Skeleton Lode.
Jim Conover. Greenhorns and Killer Mountains.
Jane Anderson. Mountain Moonlight.

Simon Rocca. Wanted. Book 5: The Superstitions.
Tom Kollenborn. The Chronological History of the Superstition Wilderness Area, the Lost Dutchman Mine ...
Tom Glover. The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz. Parts 1 & 2.
Thomas Geldermann. The Lure of the Dutchman.
John Ramses. Quest for Peralta Gold.
Ron Feldman. Crooked Mountain.
Harold Jenkerson. Arizona's Bloody Gold.
Theresa Michaels. Once a hero.
Robert Mason. The Burning.

L.W. Rodgers. Superstition Trail.
Bill Heft. Mysterious Desert.
The Unknown Prospector. Has he found the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.
Val Gene Ross. Secret Treasures of the Superstition Mountains.
Nellie K. Shell. Treasure Mountain.
Murray Shaw. Sherlock Holmes finds the Lost Dutchman Mine.
George Priest. Josh Akers Mysteries, Book 1.
Bruce E. Stewart. Superstition Gold.
Susan C. Yarina. TimeRider.
Barrie Roberts. Sherlock Holmes and the Crosby Murder.
Bill Piercy. The Death's-Head Mine.

Connie Shelton. Reunions can be murder.
Helen Corbin. The Bible on the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine and Jacob Waltz.
Wendell Scott. Where the Trail Turns South.

Charles H. Huckabay. The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.
Warren Getler and Bob Brewer. Shadow of the Sentinel.
Don Rosa. Uncle Scrooge/The Dutchman's Secret.
James Bonny. Laura Croft Tomb Raider.
Mary Ann Howard.Superstition Mountain.
Jo Ann Bender. Cries in the Desert.
Don Wells and Jean Groen. Foods of the Superstitions.
Tim Johnson. Lost Dutchman in Cochise County?
Jack San Felice. Lore of the Superstitions.

Don Humphrey. Jake and Me in the Superstitions.
Tom Kollenborn. The Chronological History of the Superstition Wilderness Area, the Lost Dutchman Mine ...Second edition.
Tom Glover. The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz. Second printing.
Larry W. James. September Rose searches for hidden gold.
Regina Tucker. The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.
Susan C. Yarina. TimeQuest.
Elizabeth L. Hamilton. Lost on Superstition Mountain.
Robert Mason. More Verde Valley Lore.
K.C. West and Victoria Welsh. Superstition Shadows.

Ron Feldman. Deep Fault.
Jim Hatt. The Peralta Stone Maps.
Jim Hatt. Jenkins' Lost Lode.
Gene Reynolds. Borrego 13.
Danny A. Adams. The Lost Dutchman Lies.
Danny A. Adams. Here Lies the The Lost Dutchman.
Jimm Manning. Walker's Vision's and Dream's.

Betty Webb. Desert Run.
Ted Tenny. Goldfield Mountain Hikes.
Marilyn Natoli. Valentine Cowboy.
Superstition Mountain Historical Society. Fact and Fiction of the Dutchman's Lost Mine.
Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart. Trails in the Superstition Mountain Foothills.
Jack San Felice. Treasure Trails of the Superstitions.
Jack San Felice. When Silver was King.
Robin Merrill. When Blood Runs Gold.
Jane Eppinga. Apache Junction and the Superstition Mountains.
Amy Michelle Mosier. Treasure Maps of the Superstitions.
Phil T. O'Brien. A Tree in the Wind.

Superstition Mountain Historical Society. Geology, Historical Events, Legends and Lore of the Superstition Mountains.
Julian King. Sand in our Shoes.
James L. Wilson. Cracking the Golden Egg.
Hank Sheffer. The Queen and Her Court.
Michael Chabak. The LDM Enigma.
William and Michael Johnson. Spirits in the Mountain.

Dana Davis. Desert Magick: Superstitions.
William Kemp. The Winged Warriors.
J. R. Mantzey. Lance Talon: Treasure Hunter.
Jack San Felice. Lost Eldorado of Jacob Waltz.
Tom Kollenborn and Jim Swanson. Superstition Mountain: in the footsteps of the Lost Dutchman. Part Two.
Phil Reinhardt and Rick Gwynne. In search of the heart: deciphering the Peralta Stones.
Charles H. Huckabay. The Apache wars of the Superstition Mountain Area.
Nancy Dallett. At the confluence of change: a history of Tonto National Monument.
Bob Schoose. Goldfied Boom to Bust, Arizona Territory 1893.
Chuck Backus. History of the Quarter Circle U Ranch.

missing on superstition mountain

National Geographic. Superstition and Four Peaks Wilderness Areas.
Charles H. Johnson. Superstition.
Michael Chabak. In Pursuit of the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Rick Allen. The Disoriented Dutchman's Gold Mine.
Kathleen Garcia. Images of America: Roosevelt Dam.
Richard L. Powers. Images of America: Apache Trail.
Richard L. Powers. Postcards of America: Apache Trail.
Jesse Feldman. Jacob's Trail.
Ronald Pinson. The Dutchman and Geronimo.
Phillip Mojica.Don Peralta's Gold.

Curtis D. Vick. The Outdweller.
iMinds Pty Ltd. The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.
Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart. Superstition Wilderness Trails East.
Mark Clayton. The Conclusion to the Original Peralta Stone Maps.
Mark Stephen Taylor. The Sun, the Glass, and the Leaning Rock.
R.G. and David Babcock. Chicomoztoc: a search for the Aztec treasure and the truth behind the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.
William Chandler and Loahna Chandler. Kincade's Death.
Nancy Lee Bausch. Gold Dust Kids in the Superstitons.
Will Sanders. The Superstition File: A Les Didlin P.I. Case.
Jerald Ford. The Circle of Greed.
Ron Feldman. Double Cross.
Mary Papadimos. Strong Head Sam: the Cowgirl Hero.

D. Arthur Eagen. An Adventure in the Superstitions.
Elise Broach.
Missing on Superstition Mountain.
Carol A. Schumacher and Danielle M. Tomerlin. Superior and Queen Valley.
Mitchell Waite. Reading Treasure Map Signs and Symbols: Expanded ed.
Jack San Felice. Superstition Cowboys.
Michael Chabek. The Lost Dutchman Mine Legacy.
Michael Chabak. Stone Tablets: Genuine or Fake?
SMHS. Superstition Mountain Historical Society Journal. Vols. 1&2.

Jane Toombs. Mountain Moonlight.
Noelene Aoide. Peralta Stones: Arizona, Spanish Language, Apache Junction, Arizona.
Ross R. Olney. Lost Treasure of the Superstitions.
Eleanor Mell. Hunting Old Snowbeard's Gold.
Tammy Merworth. Dreams of Lost Gold.
Roland Smith. Hijack Over Weaver's Needle.
N.W. Vance. The Ghost of the Lost Dutchman's Mine.
Linda Weaver Clarke. Desert Intrigue: the adventures of John and Julia Evans.
Cindy S. Ely. The Superstitions.
Mitchell Waite. Superstition Mountains Photos and Points of Interest.
Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart. Superstition Wilderness Trails West.
H. Henry Sheffer III. The Secret of the Open Gate.
Earl E. Gobel. Supersitions: Curse of the Lost Dutchman.
Ronald Watkins. The Dutchman.
Lawrence Pearce. Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.

Elise Broach. Treasure on Superstition Mountain.
Frank O'Brien. Inky, Stinky and Pinky - the Lost Dutchman's Mine.
Peter Brandvold. Rogue Lawman: Heed the Thunder.
Tim MacDonald. Dutch.
Robert L. and Lynda R. Kesselring. Reading Peralta Maps.
Branton K. Holmberg. #2 The Superstition Mountains Treasure.
Carl W. Haywood. Lust for Dutchman's Gold.
Pat Parish. Dutchman and the Devil.

Elise Broach. Revenge of Superstition Mountain.
Dot Jay Gomez. Ghosts of the Superstitions.
Bruce Grubbs. Hiking Arizona's Superstition and Mazatzal Country.
Lorraine Carey. Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn.
V. William Barrett. Lost Dutchman Gold.
Dee Tezelli. Crescent Moon over Flatiron.
Dane McCaslin. Legend.
Tom Treweek. Dutchman's Mine: The Adventures of Latakia Billows.
Connie Peck. Legend of the Superstition Gold.
Samuel Young. One Hundred Times Up Superstition Mountain.
T.L. Parker. Superstitions.

Jack San Felice. Lost El Dorado of Jacob Waltz.
Tom Glover. Treasure Tales of The Superstitions, Clues, Maps and Twice Told Tales.
Ronald Dayton. A Cyber Sleuth in Search of Truth and Treasure.
Steve Plazony. Hiking the Superstition Wilderness: Lost Dutchman State Park.
James Butler. Mystery of the Lost Dutchman.
Jack Hall. The Great Gold Hunt.
Raymond L. Westover. The Cause.
Richard Baran. The Dutchman's Gift.
R.J. Baxa. Chasing Pedro: the Discovery of the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Erin Bowman. Vengeance Road.
Ken Barnett. Skeletons of Weavers Needle.
L. Kathleen Kelley. Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Found?
Neil Spencer. The Jesuits and the Dutchman Gold Connection.
Lorraine Carey. Out of the Ashes.
Woodrow W. Walker. Viper#20: The Lost.
Ann Marie. Into the Unknown: the Lost Dutchman Mine.
Dave R. Oester. Lost Dutchman Gold.
Joe Berardi. Arizona Superstition Wilderness Topo Atlas.
Peter Brandvold. Thunder Over the Superstitions.

Emory Taylor. The Superstition Trilogy.
Chris Eboch. The Ghost Miner's Treasure.
R.J. Baxa. Hell's Gold.
Jim Redman. Searching for Jacob Waltz.
Larry Stimeling. There's Snow on the Mountain.
Ethan Flagg. Bad Deal in Buckskin.
Carol A. Schultz. Spirits and the Thunder God in the Superstition Mountain.
Herbert Dean Ely. Massacre Gold.
Joe Parker and Eve Paludan. Cooper's Gold: Quest for the Lost Dutchman's Gold: A Short Story.
Larry Hill. The Lost Jesuit Gold.
Lon Safko. Massacre!: The Secret of the Lost Dutchman.
Lon Safko. Love, Lust, Death.
John Henderson. The Search: The Story of a Lost Fortune, and a Truth About It's Finding.
Susanne Matthews and Danielle Doolittle. Desert Deception.
Lorenzo Rendon. Gold Humters: Lure of the Superstitions.

Jethro Kyle. The Legend of Dutchman's Mine.
Michael Lessard. The Lost Dutchman.
James Gillcrist. The Lost Dutchman.
Michael Joyce and Peter Clothier. The Dutchman's Gold.
Aaron Blaylock. Crooked Top Mountain.
Robin Caroll. Weaver's Needle.
Veronica Blake. Superstition.
D. Arthur Eagen. The Adventures of Clint Davis: In the Superstition Mountains.
Dan Baldwin. The Stalking Death.
William Kern. The Lost Dutchman's Mine: the Rose Diamond.
Susan Page Davis. My Heart Belongs in the Supersition Mountains: Carmela's Quandary.
Will Sanders. Explore the Superstitions With Will Sanders.

Jan Bernard Stolz. The Lost Dutchman - Jacob Waltz.
Matt Kincaid. Superstition Mountains: The Mountains of Legend, Gold, Mystery, and Death.
Dennis W. Sprague. The Dutchman's Legacy.
John Annerino. Exploring the Superstitions.
M.L. McPherson. Superstition Mountain Prospecting.
Charles Cubel. Driftwood Mine Ranch: Twelve Years in the Sonoran Desert at the Edge of the Superstition Wilderness.

Gary McCarthy. Bruin Henry's Redemption.
Jim Redman. Shadows in the Canyon.
Donald W. Jacobson. The Lost Dutchman--In Plain View.
Richard Curwin. Percy Goes West: Love and Adventures in Apache Junction, Arizona.
Charles A. Mills. Gold, Murder and Monsters in the Superstition Mountains.
Charles A. Mills. Death and Delusion in the Superstition Mountains.
Charles A. Mills. Legends of the Superstition Mountains.
Ellen Behrens. Superstition Victim.
Melody Huttinger. Arrow the Sky Horse: The Mystery: Book Two.
Brenda Felber. Broken Curse: A Pameroy Mystery in Arizona.
R.J. Baxa. Discovering the Lost Dutchman Mine: The Ruth-Peralta / Lost Dutchman Mine Map.
Cecil Hampton. Arizona Mystery Riders.

Shawn Graham. The Occult Cowboy: Journey into the Superstition Mountains.
Robert Julyan. Treasure Tale: Some Searches End with Beginnings.
Kalvin Davis. It Looms Above the Valley: A Photographer's 18-Month Experience Capturing the Superstition Mountains.
Gene Freese. Wrangler Ray and the Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold.

James B. Arnold. Finding the Lost Dutchman's Gold
Jace Killan and others. Superstitions: Tales from the Mountains.
M.L. McPherson. Memoirs of Superstition Mountain Prospecting.
M.L. McPherson. Recollections of the Impossible.
Rick Getsinger. Dutchman and Lost Gold.
Rebekah Jones. The Lost Dutchman's Secret.
Harley J. Seaman. The Real Story of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.
Debbie S. Culver. The Mystery of the Lost Dutchman Mine.

Doug Stewart. Lost Dutchman Bibliography.
Julia Simpson. The Lost Dutchman: Children's Picture Book
O.L. Brown. Superstition Mountain Dreams.
C.K. Phillips. The Superstitions.
Matt Polston. The Lost Dutchman Mine Location.
Shane E. Gorrell. The Lost Dutchman's Treasure.

  core works

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